My writing began with the the formation of the not for profit organization called the Americana Community Music Association (ACMA). I accepted an invitation to serve on the board.
The association's mission is simple
"... to support original independent music and musicians with programs that expand community appreciation and education while fostering the creativity and diversity that influence Americana and Roots music."
The key word is "original". A Singer/Songwriter group was started as a community service to support and encourage aspiring song writers in the development and growth of their skills. I hosted the gathering for almost four years. Out of this group grew a wonderful program called "Hope by Song" which serves our community by
"...providing a creative outlet to those who want to share their stories of struggle and hope through the assistance of volunteer, community minded, Singer-Songwriters who care."
The collection of songs presented here are mostly the result of my involvement with these two fabulous organizations. I encourage you to follow the links below to find out more about these groups and to seriously consider getting involved with them.
Give a listen by clicking on the "My Songs" button and I truly hope that you enjoy.