Photo -Jane Feldman-Photographer
I started playing guitar when I was 19 years old.
It was during the country blues revival of the late 60s.
I fell in love with the music of 
Mississippi John Hurt, Taj Mahall, Doc Watson and others
of that ilk. Just about everything that I have done since then
has been in that down home finger-picking style. I have been a performing singer/songwriter for over 40 years.
I had the honor of being asked to perform at the annual
Mississippi John Hurt Blues Festival in Avalon MS in 2011.
I have also performed at the world famous Ground Zero Blues Club and at the Blue Front Cafe which is the oldest operating Juke Joint in the state of Mississippi. All types of music move me
 but I prefer to play and sing  original or
traditional Americana roots music.
Get Off the Wheel - Bill Metts
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